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Online ISSN : 2424-3116
Robot Body Occlusion Removal in Omnidirectional Video Using Color and Shape Information
Binbin XuSarthak PathakHiromitsu FujiiAtsushi YamashitaHajime Asama
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p. 49-50


Omnidirectional cameras are widely used for robot inspection for their wild fields of view. However, the robot body will always be included in the view, causing occlusions. This paper deals with one such example of occlusion and proposes an inpainting based solution to remove it. Our method could generate a clean video automatically, without the need for a manually given mask. We propose an approximate shape fitting method combined with color information to generate the mask of robot body occlusion and followed by video inpainting. In experiments, the effectiveness of our proposed method is demonstrated by successfully removing robot body occlusions in omnidirectional videos.

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