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Online ISSN : 2424-3116
Development of Miniature Range Image Sensor Using Multi-Slit Laser Projector and Endoscopy Camera
Yi FengShinta NozakiGakuto MasuyamaKazunori Umeda
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p. 92-93


In this paper, development of a miniature size range image sensor is presented. The sensor is designed for a robot hand by using an endoscopy camera and a multi-slit laser projector, which can obtain range images. The improvements over the previous sensor are size, accessibility and measurement range in close distance. The dimension of the sensor is 16×40×53 mm and its weight is about 28 g. By using a universal webcam chip, the computer can capture the image data without the driver. The sensor can measure the distance from 50-150 mm. The effectiveness of the sensor is verified by experiments.

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