Journal of Smooth Muscle Research
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Blebbistatin, a myosin II inhibitor, suppresses Ca2+-induced and “sensitized”-contraction of skinned tracheal muscles from guinea pig
Masatoshi YumotoMasaru Watanabe
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2013 Volume 49 Pages 89-98


Blebbistatin, a potent inhibitor of myosin II, has inhibiting effects on Ca2+-induced contraction and contractile filament organization without affecting the Ca2+-sensitivity to the force and phosphorylation level of myosin regulatory light chain (MLC20) in skinned (cell membrane permeabilized) taenia cecum from the guinea pig (Watanabe et al., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2010; 298: C1118–26). In the present study, we investigated blebbistatin effects on the contractile force of skinned tracheal muscle, in which myosin filaments organization is more labile than that in the taenia cecum. Blebbistatin at 10 μM or higher suppressed Ca2+-induced tension development at any given Ca2+ concentration, but had little effects on the Ca2+- induced myosin light chain phosphorylation. Also blebbistatin at 10 μM and higher significantly suppressed GTP-γS-induced “sensitized” force development. Since the force inhibiting effects of blebbistatin on the skinned trachea were much stronger than those in skinned taenia cecum, blebbistatin might directly affect myosin filaments organization.

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