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Circuit Theory Based on New Concepts and Its Application to Quantum Theory
32. Circuit Diagram and Telegrapher’s Equations Expressing Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
Nobuo NagaiHirofumi SanadaTakashi Yahagi
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2024 年 28 巻 3 号 p. 89-94


Heaviside proposed the telegrapher’s equations as an alternative to the Maxwell equations. His proposal was groundbreaking and can be considered miraculous. Nothing could be a more accurate solution than this proposal. The following physical properties can be derived from the telegrapher’s equations. The telegrapher’s equations are represented by a circuit diagram consisting of series and parallel elements. Circuits are known to have steady and transient states. These equations also demonstrate that the electromagnetic waves, which are determined by the existence of an electromagnetic field expressed by partial differential equations, propagate at the velocity of light c.

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