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Relationship between the patients with indefinite complaints in our hospital, and “score of indefinite complaints (SIC)” we designed : A study from the viewpoint of “doctor shopping”
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2018 Volume 23 Issue 2 Pages 102-113


It is said that the patients’ behavior called “doctor-shopping” is one reason of the recent health care costs increasing. We think that the patient’s communication skill is one reason of “doctor-shopping”, and examined the relation between this skill and Autism Spectrum tendency which affects communication.

The method is suggested by “Score of Indefinite Complaints” (below SIC) in our department. SIC is constituted from four points of ‘the characteristics of the patients with Autism Spectrum including interviews’ showed by Honda, and they were scored and compared. They were (1) need for structured sight (use of drawings or prints; below ‘sight’), (2) saying same repetition (below ‘repeat’) (3) deviation in conversation (below ‘deviation’), (4) localized or patterned thought, action and etc. (below ‘localization’). This subject is the 92 first female outpatient of our department from 9/1/2013 to 6/30/2017.

About the management term in our outpatient after their first coming, there was no significant difference in the numbers of other hospitals where they consulted before coming to our hospital and the numbers of their complaints, but were in aging, without SIC. Following on the SIC, there were four points in this examination, so it was suggested that doctors and patients would be able to understand both sides by using them. They were (1) the prints using Gothic font, in ‘sight’ (2) continuing the conversation using question, in ‘repeat’ and ‘deviation’ (3) changes in dress or talking etc. when they were getting better, in ‘localization’ (4) potentially higher total point of SIC, without regard to age, disease duration and number of complaints, is not good at communication faculty, so we are needed to listen carefully to complaints of patients and required attention to the understanding of the description of the doctors. We think that if doctors consider and devise medical methods along patients more, it is possible to build relationship both them. Therefore, we will be able to decrease in “doctor-shopping”, and control health care costs increasing.

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