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Vol. 37 (2016) No. 3 p. 104-109



特集: シリコン最新技術の高感度画像センサへの展開

In recent years, CMOS image sensor has been widely used for ubiquitous devices such as smart-phone and tablets. However, CMOS image sensors performance are dramatically influenced by process induced defects such as metallic impurities related deep level defects in the space-charge region. Thus, it is extremely important to study metallic impurities influence on CMOS image sensor performance and to develop effectiveness metallic impurities gettering technique. In this article, we introduce our new proximity gettering technique for advanced CMOS image sensor by using a carbon cluster ion implantation technique. In addition, we demonstrate that the carbon cluster ion implanted silicon wafer has high gettering capability of oxygen, hydrogen and metallic impurity after CMOS simulation heat treatment.