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Gene expression differences in the duodenum of 129/Sv and DBA/2 mice compared with that of C57BL/6J mice
Shunji ImaiMaki TokumotoYasuyuki FujiwaraAkiko HondaTatsuya HasegawaYoshiyuki SekoJin-Yong LeeHisamitsu NagaseMasahiko Satoh
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2014 Volume 39 Issue 1 Pages 173-177


We compared the cadmium (Cd) concentration in the liver and kidney of different strains of mice after exposure to 50 ppm Cd for 30 days via drinking water. Cd concentration in the liver and kidney of C57BL/6J mice were higher than those of 129/Sv and DBA/2 mice. Since orally ingested heavy metals are absorbed in the small intestine and then widely distributed to target tissues, microarray analyses were performed to compare the expression levels of transport-related genes in the duodenum between C57BL/6J mice and 129/Sv or DBA/2 mice. The expression levels of 9 and 11 genes were elevated more than 2.0-fold and 13 and 12 genes were reduced less than 0.5-fold in 129/Sv mice and DBA/2 mice, respectively. Among these low expressed genes, 10 genes (Slc2a2, Slc5a1, Slc16a2, Slc22a13, Slc22a18, Slc25a11, Slc36a1, Slco6c1, Abca3 and Abcd1) were common between the two types of strains. These results suggest that some of those genes might be involved in Cd absorption and its toxicity.

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