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Incidence of Coliform Cellulitis in Broiler Chicken of a Processing Plant and Investigation of the Risk Factors
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2009 Volume 62 Issue 2 Pages 121-125


In 2002,coliform cellulitis (Ce) in broiler chickens had occurred frequently in integrated broiler company A (Inte A). We investigated Ce condemnation rates in the processing plant and the gross lesion of Ce. In addition, we found coli-septicemia of serostitis (Se) with Ce on the farm, and compared it pathologically with Ce at the processing plant. Moreover,we investigated the causative factors of Ce compared with the integrated broiler company B (Inte B), which has low condemnation rates of Ce. The Ce condemnation rate of Inte A was 0.88% and higher than that of Inte B (0.03%). Some 63% of condemned chickens by Ce were male,and showed evident thickening of the dermis, edema and the formation of a cheese-like clot under the skin of the abdominal region and the inside of the thigh,but did not show Se. Eschirichia coli serotype O78 was isolated from Ce lesions and Se lesions. The invasion of E coli serotype O78 into the skin from injuries was suspected,because the formation of escharosis and epidermal inflammations were identified in Ce in the farm cases. The strain of broiler chickens bred in Inte A was different from Inte B. Moreover,the breeding density of Inte A was higher, the period of heat dissipation was longer,and the period during which the chicken coop was empty was shorter than it was for Inte B.

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