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Experiments on Removal of Dog Whipworms with Phthalofyne
R. NodaS. Noda
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1960 Volume 13 Issue 12 Pages 530-533


Anthelmintic effect on dog whipworms of phthalofyne, or 3-methyl 1-3-pentynyl acid phthalate, as administered by the oral route, was examined by using 39 dogs naturally infected.
In the case of a single administration, a dose of 200mg/kg or below displayed only a low effect. When a dose of 250 or 300mg/kg was employed, 410 pairs out of 420 or 122 pairs out of 123, respectively, were removed, thus excellent results being obtained.
In the case of two administrations as a course, two doses of 50 mg/kg each showed only a low effect. Two doses of 100 or 150mg/kg each were considerably effective, removing 633 out of 707 pairs harbored or 562 out of 611 pairs, respectively.
It seemed that there were no differences in anthelmintic effect of the chemical between the enforcement and omission of starvation before medication and between the methods for medication.
Vomiting was observed in no case. Softening of the feces of slight degree and inappetence was recovered before long.
It can be concluded that this chemical is a safe, effective anthelmintic against whipworms. Administration of a single dose is more effective than that of two doses. Moreover, it is desirable to carry out fecal examination at least one week and more after medication.

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