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Application of Reflotron System, Dry Chemistry Blood Analyser, in a Veterinary Clinic
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1989 Volume 42 Issue 3 Pages 155-160


Reflotron is a dry chemistry blood analyzer. The authors studied its usefulness in a veterinary clinic. In this study, we evaluated the urea nitrogen (BUN), glucose, aspartate aminotransferase (GOT), and alanine aminotransferase (GPT) in canine and feline sera. In addition, these parameters, except GPT, and gamma glutamyltransferase (γ-GPT) were measured in cattle. The Rapid Blood Analyzer (RaBA-Σ, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) was used as a wet chemistry reference system.m
Most values measured with Reflotron were higher than those with the wet reference system, but there were close correlations between the two system's values in all parameters studied. The coefficient of variation was 2.78% on average, ranging from 1.1 to 7.5%. The abnormal high level sera in each parameter were diluted with normal level sera from the same kind of animal, and separately with bovine albumin solution, followed by measurement with reflotron. The data were approximately linear, showing no correlation to the medium used for dilution.
We believe that Reflotron is useful for clinicopathological diagnosis in the veterinary clinic setting because the technique of measurement is simple and accurate results are obtainable within 3 minutes per each parameter. The clinician may explain to his client the pathogenesis or prognosis of vague disease doing physical examination.

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