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Effect of Pirenoxine Ophthalmic Solution on Senile Incipient Cataract in Dogs
Soichiro ASAKURAMitsuharu OHTAYoshiyuki TAKIMOTOKikuji HARAMasaru NISHI
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1993 Volume 46 Issue 11 Pages 952-957


Pirenoxine ophthalmic solution, an anticataract drug for human use, was tested for its effectiveness in the treatment of senile incipient cataract in dogs. Of 18 cases treated with the drug, 13 (72.2%) cases responded favorably resulting in improved lens opacity or delayed progress of the disease. Hyperemia and epiphora, both being local sensitive symptoms, were obsereved in one case. Improved lens opacity was noticeable after medication for 81.6 days on average, and the effect was pronounced in younger cases with cortical cata-ract.

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