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Electron-microscopic studies on the fine structure of spores in Cyptodontopsis obtusifolia and its var. laosiensis (Musci).
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1970 Volume 1 Pages 55-58_II


The fine structures of the spore surface of Cyptodontopsis obtusifolia and its var. laosiensis (Musci) were investigated by electron microscope with the following results. 1. No distinct difference could be seen between the general morphological feature of spore structures in both taxa. 2. The spore diameter in equatorial view was larger in the latter, and the difference between them was measured to be an average of 4.7μ. 3. The differences between the diameter of the largest spore and the smallest one in each taxon was more distinct in the former (ca. 4μ) than in the latter (ca. 2μ). 4. In the former, the distribution of mamillate protuberances on the surface of spores was somewhat irregular and the fusion of 2 or 3 protuberances frequently could be seen. While in the latter, the distribution of protuberances was subregular and the fusion of protuberances was rare. 5. The number of protuberances on the 10μ line averaged 18.3 in the former and 11.3 in the latter. 6. The length of the mamillate protuberance averaged 0.87 μ in the former and 0.34μ in the latter. 7. The number of papillae on a mamillate protuberance averaged 6.7 in the former and 11 in the latter in profile view.

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