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Studies on the Host-mediated Antitumor Polysaccharides. Part XXVII. : Antitumor and Hypoglycemic Activities of Polysaccharides Isolated from Sclerotium "Charga" and Mycelium of Fuscoporia obliqua Mushroom Fungus
Takashi MIZUNOCun ZHUANGKuniaki ABEHidehumi OKAMOTOTadashi KIHOShigeo UKAISophie LECLERCLaurent MEIJER
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1996 Volume 3 Issue 2 Pages 53-60


Several polysaccharides were extracted from sclerotium "Charga", and the cultured mycelium of Fuscoporia obliqua, a mushroom fungus, with hot water, 10% zinc chloride, and 10% sodium hydrooxide. Eighteen polysaccharides from Charga, and 8 fracrtion from mycelium were isolated. The enzymic antitumor assay and the hypoglycemic test were carried out on the obtained samples. The results were as follows: 1. Water-soluble and water-insoluble polysaccharide fractions isolated from "Charga" had higher antitumor activities, and had higher hypoglycemic effects than the mycelium polysaccharides. The active principles were found to be β-D-glucan, heteroglycans, and their proteincomplexes. 2. The antitumor activity of mycelium polysaccharides had less than "Charga", but the higher hypoglycemic effects on plasma glucose in normal mice to keep 3-48 hours after an intravenous injection of the mycelium polysaccharides were found.

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