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Cellulose Nanofibrils Pulverized from Biomass Resources: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
Tetsuo Kondo
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2023 年 40 巻 p. 109-123


Advances in nanotechnology have changed conventional concepts in materials science. This has also strongly influenced natural biomass products with hierarchically built-up structures. In general, hierarchical structures in bio-based materials are built up by molecular self-assembly, followed by nanoassembly to form higher-level structures. Key to each step is the formation of interactions at each individual scale. Nature usually achieves such fabrication through a bottom-up process. However, fabrication can also be achieved through a top-down process, with various such downsizing methods now in development. This review article aims to describe trends in nanofiber technology among downsizing processes applied to cellulose as a representative biomass, ranging from fundamentals to recent techniques. The advantages of our recently developed technique, nanopulverization by aqueous counter collision, are also discussed. This method successfully decomposes interactions selectively without damaging the molecular structure, finally liberating components of various sizes into water to provide a transparent and homogeneous component–water system. As nanocellulose research is a broad area involving various fields, the cited references are limited to the scope of the author’s knowledge.

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