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Winners of CASMI2013: Automated Tools and Challenge Data
Takaaki Nishioka Takeshi KasamaTomoya KinumiHidefumi MakabeFumio MatsudaDaisuke MiuraMasahiro MiyashitaTakemichi NakamuraKen TanakaAtsushi Yamamoto
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2014 Volume 3 Issue Special_Issue_2 Pages S0039


CASMI (Critical Assessment of Small Molecule Identification) is a contest in which participants identify the molecular formula and chemical structure of challenging molecules using blind mass spectra as the challenge data. Seven research teams participated in CASMI2013. The winner of CASMI2013 was the team of Andrew Newsome and Dejan Nikolic, the University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA. The team identified 15 among 16 challenge molecules by manually interpreting the challenge data and by searching in-house and public mass spectral databases, and chemical substance and literature databases. MAGMa was selected as the best automated tool of CASMI2013. In some challenges, most of the automated tools successfully identified the challenge molecules, independent of the compound class and magnitude of the molecular mass. In these challenge data, all of the isotope peaks and the product ions essential for the identification were observed within the expected mass accuracy. In the other challenges, most of the automated tools failed, or identified solution candidates together with many false-positive candidates. We then analyzed these challenge data based on the quality of the mass spectra, the dissociation mechanisms, and the compound class and elemental composition of the challenge molecules.

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