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Structure and Magnetic Properties of Chill-cast and Melt-spun Ndx(Fe3Al)100-x and Nd33(FeyAl)67 Alloys
L. SiJ. DingY. LiB. Yao
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2001 Volume 42 Issue 4 Pages 664-669


The magnetic properties of chill-cast Nd–Fe–Al rods have been studied as a function of Nd and Al concentrations. High coercivities were obtained in Nd60(Fe3Al)40, Nd50(Fe3Al)50 and Nd33(Fe10Al)67 alloys. The study on the melt-spun ribbons of these alloys has shown that coercivity is dependent on the quenching rate, and high coercivity could only be obtained in alloys prepared after a relatively low quenching rate. Several crystalline Nd–Fe–Al phases have been investigated in this work. A metastable tetragonal phase existed as nearly the single phase in Nd33(FeyAl)67 with y=2–4. The tetragonal phase is antiferromagnetic with a Néel temperature of 260 K . Metamagnetism and magnetoresistivity have been observed. The study on the annealed Nd33(FeAl)67 alloy has shown that a hexagonal phase and an unknown were formed and these two Fe-containing phases, among which one is an antiferromagnetic with a Néel temperature of 280 K and the another is ferromagnetic below 130–140 K.

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