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High Temperature Transport Property of B- and P-Doped GeSi Single Crystals Prepared by a Czochralski Method
Takaya AkashiIchiro YonenagaItaru GunjishimaTakashi Goto
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2001 Volume 42 Issue 6 Pages 1024-1027


B-doped (p-type) and P-doped (n-type) Ge0.07Si0.93 single crystals were prepared by a Czochralski (CZ) method. The anisotropy of Seebeck coefficient (α), electrical conductivity (σ) and thermal conductivity (κ) among the [001], [110] and [111] directions was determined and the values were compared with those of polycrystalline materials. The Seebeck coefficient of B-doped specimen in the [111] direction (α111) was the same as that in the [110] direction (α110), and was greater than that in the [001] direction (α001) measured at all temperature. The α111, α110 and α100 of the P-doped specimens were in agreement above 600 K, but anisotropy of α values was observed below 500 K, (|α001|>|α111|>|α110|). No anisotropy of σ and κ was observed in both B- and P-doped specimens. The thermal conductivity of B- and P-doped single crystal specimens were much greater than that of polycrystalline materials.

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