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Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Cu-Based Cu-Zr-Ti Bulk Glassy Alloys
Akihisa InoueWei ZhangTao ZhangKei Kurosaka
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2001 Volume 42 Issue 6 Pages 1149-1151


New Cu-based bulk glassy alloys of Cu–Zr–Ti system were formed by copper mold casting. The maximum diameter is 4 mm for the Cu60Zr30Ti10 alloy. The addition of Ti to Cu60Zr40 resulted in an increase in the glass-forming ability (GFA). As the Ti content increases, the glass transition temperature (Tg), crystallization temperature (Tx) and temperature interval of supercooled liquid region ΔTx(=TxTg) decrease, while the liquidus temperature (Tl) has a minimum of 1127 K around 20%Ti, leading to a maximum TgTl of 0.63 in the vicinity of 20 at%Ti. The high GFA of the Cu-based alloys was obtained at the compositions with high TgTl. The bulk glassy Cu60Zr30Ti10 alloy exhibits Vickers hardness of 660, Young’s modulus of 114 GPa, fracture strength of 2150 MPa and compressive plastic elongation of 1.7%. The finding of the Cu-based bulk glassy alloy with high TgTl above 0.60, high fracture strength above 2000 MPa and distinct plastic elongation is encouraging for future development as a new type of bulk glassy alloys which can be used for structural materials.

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