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Vol. 43 (2002) No. 5 P 1057-1060



Steady-state and laser-induced transient surface plasmon bands of copper nanoparticle composites, fabricated by ion implantation, were studied by optical measurements. Negative ion implantation has been applied to generate the Cu nanoparticles with a narrow distribution in amorphous SiO2, MgO2.4(Al2O3) and LiNbO3 with various refractive indices. The Cu nanoparticles were embedded within a depth of 100 nm by implantation of 60 keV Cu. The surface plasmon band in steady-state absorption spectra resulted from formation of nanoparticles in the various substrates and shifted to red with increasing refractive index of the matrix. Transient absorption was measured with the technique of pump-probe femtosecond spectroscopy. The transient bleaching band also shifted in parallel with the steady-state plasmon resonance. The bleaching recovered in several picoseconds due to energy transfer from the excited electron system to the phonon system via the electron-phonon interaction. The electron-phonon coupling constant, g, of Cu nanoparticles in amorphous SiO2 was obtained to be a value of 2.4×1016 W/m3K.

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