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Hydrogen Isotope Effects on Absorption Properties of Ti-Cr-V Alloys
Takuya TamuraAtsunori KamegawaHitoshi TakamuraMasuo Okada
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2003 Volume 44 Issue 4 Pages 641-644


Ti–Cr–V alloys are known to absorb protium (hydrogen atom) up to H/M = 2, while Cr-rich alloys absorb up to H/M = 1 because of the formation of mono-protides (mono-hydrides). However, few hydrogen isotope effects of the Ti–Cr–V alloys have been reported. This paper aims to clarify the hydrogen isotope effects on the absorption properties of the Ti–Cr–V alloys in a composition range near the boundary between the appearance regions of mono- and di-protides. It was found that the appearance region of the mono-dueteride was Cr-richer composition than that of the mono-protides. The absorption plateau pressure for deuterium was lower than that for protium in the appearance region of the di-protide and the di-deuteride, but higher in the appearance region of the mono-protides and the mono-deuteride. The hydrogen isotope effects on the plateau pressure were found to cause the difference in the appearance regions of the protides and the deuterides.

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