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Superplasticity-like Behavior of Rapidly Solidified Ti-rich TiAl Powders and its Application to In-situ Sintering Bonding
Yasuhiro MorizonoRyohei KumagaeMinoru NishidaYoshiyuki MizutaAkira Chiba
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2003 Volume 44 Issue 4 Pages 754-758


The application of rapidly solidified Ti-rich TiAl alloy powders to bonding technique has been proposed. The alloy powders are produced by plasma rotating electrode process (PREP). Among them, the powders (denoted as M powders) having surface relief of martensitic phase are used as an interlayer of the joint. The bonding of two Ti–50 mol%Al alloy disks was performed at 1273 K for 0.6 ks under 1.9 kN using the M powders of Ti–40 mol%Al alloy. Since the M powder shows superplasticity-like deformation, there are no defects such as void and oxide film in the bonding interface and the powders in the interlayer are indistinguishable. It is also confirmed that the bonding strength of the obtained joint increases notably by the use of the powder interlayer. Consequently, the bonding of the TiAl disks is achieved well by the excellent deformation behavior of the M powder even at relatively lower temperature and shorter holding time.

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