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Development of a Strain Evaluation Technique Using a Micro Focus X-ray Beam
Takuji KitaYasuo NaganoHiroshi KawamotoRyouichi Yokoyama
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2003 Volume 44 Issue 7 Pages 1503-1505


A strain evaluation technique using a micro focus X-ray beam was developed. An electron gun with two electron lenses was used in order to steadily make a fine focus of an electron beam on a copper target. A target current was 24 μA, and an X-ray brightness 162×109 W/m2 was obtained. X-ray beam was condensed to a converging angle 0.09 deg with a convergent unit, and the minimum focus diameter was 60 μm. A Cu-Kα2’s peak can be easily split from a Kα1’s peak, because the converging angle of the X-ray beam is low and an X-ray brightness is high. A charge coupled device camera can be set in order to observe the irradiated area on a sample. A cubic ZrO2–10 mol%Y2O3 single crystal cut along a (001) plane was selected as a sample to ensure a measurement technique. The difference in a Miller index from an integer was less than 0.4%. A lattice parameter of the specimen was 0.51442±0.00002 nm, and the reference value was 0.5144 nm. Strain was loaded to the sample with a four-point bending jig. A strain tensor was analyzed from the difference in the lattice parameters which were calculated using from 15 to 50 planes. Although the some measured values had a more than 100×10−6 difference from the estimated ones, the other measured values were almost same as the estimated ones within experimental error.

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