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Separation of Copper and Zinc Ions by Hollow Fiber Supported Liquid Membrane Containing LIX84 and PC-88A
Jae-chun LeeJinki JeongByung-su KimMin Seuk KimMikio Kobayashi
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2004 Volume 45 Issue 6 Pages 1915-1919


The separation of Cu2+ and Zn2+ in mixed solutions of zinc and copper sulfate has been studied using hollow fiber supported liquid membrane (HFSLM). The extractants for Cu2+ and Zn2+ were LIX84(anti-2-hydroxy-5-nonyl acetophenoneoxime) and PC-88A(2-ethyl-hexylphosphonic acid mono-2 ethylhexyl ester) which were diluted in kerosene, respectively. The effects of operational variables on the permeation rate and the separation factor of Cu2+ and Zn2+ were investigated. At metal concentrations in the feed solution between 1 to 200 mol·m−3 under pH 2.0, the permeation rate of Cu2+ by 10 mass% LIX84 HFSLM was 1 × 10−6∼5 × 10−6 mol·m−2·s−1 while that of Zn2+ with PC-88A was 10−6∼10−5 mol·m−2·s−1. By total recycle operation, copper sulfate solution with 99.6% purity and 99.9% pure zinc sulfate solution could be enriched from the dilute solution in which the concentrations of both Cu2+ and Zn2+ were 1 g/L, respectively.

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