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Vol. 47 (2006) No. 3 P 471-474



Metallic manganese nitrides Mn3AN (A=Zn, Ga, etc) are well-known for their large magnetovolume effect (MVE), i.e., a discontinuous volume expansion at the magnetic transition. However, MVE is exceptionally absent in Mn3CuN. We found that MVE is recovered by a small amount of Ge in the Cu site. This revival seems to coincide with recovery of the cubic structure. By further Ge doping, the volume expansion becomes gradual (ΔT∼100 K) and large negative thermal expansion (NTE) is exhibited around room temperature [α=−12×10−6 K−1 (α: coefficient of linear thermal expansion) for Mn3(Cu0.5Ge0.5)N]. Such a large, isotropic and non-hysteretic NTE is desirable for practical applications.

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