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Effect of High Magnetic Field Annealing on Microstructure and Texture at the Initial Stage of Recrystallization in a Cold-Rolled Interstitial-Free Steel
Yan WuXiang ZhaoChang-Shu HeYu-Dong ZhangLiang ZuoClaude Esling
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2007 Volume 48 Issue 11 Pages 2809-2815


The effects of magnetic field annealing on microstructure and texture evolution at the initial stage of recrystallization in as-annealed interstitial-free (IF) steel sheet were investigated by the orientation imaging microscopy (OIM) and microhardness testing. The magnetic field annealing was conducted in a 12-tesla magnetic field at 650°C for different time spans (0, 10 and 30 min) to obtain partially recrystallized microstructure in specimens. It was found that the magnetic field annealing retarded the recrystallization process, and favoured the development of ⟨110⟩ texture components at the initial stage of recrystallization. Additionally, it is worth noting that, in the case of annealing for 10 min, we observed more pronounced {111}⟨123⟩ component associated with coarse grains in the magnetic field annealed specimen, which may suggest that this component was favoured by the applied high magnetic field in the early stage of nucleation and growth.

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