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Determination of Acid-Base Properties of Silicas by Inverse Gas Chromatography: Variation with Surface Treatment
Young-Cheol YangPyoung-Ran Yoon
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2007 Volume 48 Issue 7 Pages 1955-1960


The specific component of the free energy of adsorption, −ΔGASP, of untreated crystalline and fused silica, and four types of silane coupling agents-treated fused silicas, were estimated by the inverse gas chromatography (IGC) method, using the adsorption of several polar and non-polar probes on their surfaces at various measuring temperatures. The acid-base properties of the untreated and surface-treated silicas were quantified by their KA and KD parameters, reflecting the ability of the surface to act as an electron acceptor and donor, respectively. Acidic components were detected on the untreated crystalline and fused silica surfaces, but the surface properties of the fused silicas surface-treated with γ-glycidoxy propyl trimethoxy silane (GMS) and γ-amino propyl triethoxy silane (AES) were slightly basic, and those of the fused silicas surface-treated with γ-methacryloxy propyl trimethoxy silane (MTMS) and γ-mercapto propyl trimethoxy silane (MCMS) were amphoteric.

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