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Morphology of Intermetallic Compounds in Al-Si-Fe Alloy and Its Control by Ultrasonic Vibration
Yoshiaki OsawaSusumu TakamoriTakashi KimuraKazumi MinagawaHideki Kakisawa
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2007 Volume 48 Issue 9 Pages 2467-2475


Iron impurity in aluminum alloys forms coarse needle-shaped intermetallic compounds during solidification and hampers the recycling process. To control the morphology of the material microstructure, an experiment was carried out where ultrasonic vibration was applied to the melt during solidification. Aluminum-Silicon-Iron alloys containing 4 mass% iron were melted and solidified. The primary crystals that formed from the melts were intermetallic compounds that were identified as Al3Fe, α-AlSiFe (Al7.4SiFe2) and β-AlSiFe (Al9Si2Fe2). The refinement of these intermetallic compounds was thought to occur with the application of ultrasonic vibration. Accurate results were obtained when the vibration was applied at the liquidus temperature. The liquidus temperatures of the Al-6∼15Si-4Fe alloys were in the range of 945 to 955 K regardless of the silicon content and that of the Al-18Si-4Fe alloy was 977.2 K.
Coarse plate-like intermetallic compounds formed in Al-6 mass%Si-4 mass%Fe and Al-12 mass%Si-4 mass%Fe alloys, which can be refined by the application of ultrasonic vibration on crossing the liquidus temperature on cooling. The coarse columnar structure of an Al-18 mass%Si-4 mass%Fe alloy was modified to a fine grained structure.

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