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Butt Joining of Magnesium Alloy Sheet by Shot Peening
Yasunori HaradaMakoto FukunagaAtsushi Yamamoto
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2008 Volume 49 Issue 5 Pages 1132-1136


Magnesium and its alloys are very attractive for light weight applications. However, their use is complicated by the fact that dissimilar metals are joined by fusion welding. In the present study, the ability of shot peening to enhance butt joining of a magnesium alloy sheet with dissimilar material sheets was investigated. Shot peening improves the performance of the engineering components. In this process the substrate undergoes a large plastic deformation near its surface when hit by many shots. The substrate material close to the surface flows during shot peening. This plastic flow is characterized by a shear droop at the edge of the substrate, namely, the peened material overflows at the edge. When the dissimilar metal sheets with notched edges are connected without a level difference and then the connection is shot-peened, the sheets can be joined by the plastic flow generated by the large plastic deformation during shot peening. In this experiment, an air shot peening machine was used. The influences of air pressure and peening time on the joinability were examined. The joint strength increased with peening time, i.e., the amount of plastic flow. It was found that the present method can be used to enhance the butt joining of a magnesium alloy sheet with a dissimilar material sheet.

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