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High Pressure Synthesis of Novel Mg(Ni1−xCux)2 Hydrides (x=0–0.2)
Riki KataokaAtsunori KamegawaHitoshi TakamuraMasuo Okada
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2009 Volume 50 Issue 5 Pages 1179-1182


In our previous papers, we have reported the hydrogenation of MgNi2 with C36-type structure under GPa-order hydrogen pressure. In this paper, the effect of Cu substitution in MgNi2 was studied on the crystal structures, thermal stabilities and hydrogen contents of Mg(Ni1−xCux)2 hydrides (x=0–0.2). The hydrides were obtained by high pressure synthesis using cubic-anvil-type apparatus at 973 K for 8 h under 5 GPa. The hydrides were found to have primitive orthorhombic (Pmmm, x=0.0–0.1) and body-centered tetragonal structures (I4⁄mmm, x=0.15–0.2). Their hydrogen contents were estimated to be 2.23–2.32 mass%. Dehydrogenation temperature decreased from 460 K (x=0.0) to 429 K (x=0.20) with increasing amount of Cu substitution. After dehydrogenation, the C36-type phase was observed by X-ray diffraction (XRD). Consequently, it is noteworthy that Mg(Ni1−xCux)2 could be hydrogenated reversibly without disproportionation under high pressure of the order of gigapascals.

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