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Injection Molding of Mechanical Alloyed Ti–Fe–Zr Powder
H. Ozkan GülsoyVolkan GünayTarık BaykaraRandall M. German
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2012 Volume 53 Issue 6 Pages 1100-1105


This study focuses on the injection molding of mechanical alloyed Ti–Fe–Zr alloys. Injection molded samples were produced using mechanical alloying based on hydride-dehydride (HDH) titanium and pure iron and zirconium powders. Mechanical alloyed powders were mixed with a polymeric binder and hot injection molded to form standard tensile bars. The critical powder loading for injection molding was 50 vol% for feedstock. Molded bars were debound by solvent and then thermal steps, under ultra pure argon. Debound samples were sintered at 1300°C for 60 min in a high level vacuum (10−5 mbar). After sintering, the performances of the sintered materials was characterized using tensile and hardness testing, optical microcopy (OM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The strengths and weaknesses of the test conditions have been analyzed from the microstructure and mechanical properties. Theoretical density, ultimate tensile strength, and hardness of injection molded Ti powders increased with the additions of 5%Fe and 5%Zr.

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