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Vol. 54 (2013) No. 10 p. 1925-1929



At the contact surface between the liquid metal and the mold wall a number of chemical and thermodynamical reactions were taken. The products of those reactions are spread out on both the sides, i.e., in the solidified metal or into the mold wall. The processes which took place in the casting mold — here made from sand mix, during the pouring of liquid metal, solidification and cooling down to room temperature, are pretty complex.
The thermodynamic reactions at the contact surface of liquid metal/sand mold in the process of castings forming are discussed in this paper. Experiments were performed in molds made by CO2 sand casting process. As a pouring metal we used steels from an ordinary production program of a steel foundry, exactly it was the steel GS 50CrMo4, assigned by DIN.
Some results obtained in our investigations during studying those processes are shown here.

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