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Interfacial Structure of Erbium Oxide Layer on SUS316 Substrate Formed by MOCVD Method
Takayuki ShinkawaKenji MatsudaYoshimitsu HishinumaKatsuhiko NishimuraTeruya TanakaTakeo MurogaTakahiro Sato
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2014 Volume 55 Issue 12 Pages 1781-1785


The Er2O3 layer fabricated by MOCVD method on SUS316 substrates before and after hydrogen permeation test were investigated to know their surface morphology and structure by SEM and TEM. The surface morphology of this layer was granular structure with size of about 0.3–0.6 µm in diameter. According to the cross sectional TEM (X-TEM) observation, the Er2O3 layer with 1–1.3 µm thickness was formed on SUS316 substrate by MOCVD method in this research and no remarkable defects or cracks were detected. The Er2O3 layer had the columnar structure and their mean width was 0.3–0.5 µm, and it is also in good agreement with mean width of a single column measured by TEM observation. The growth direction of Er2O3 column was ⟨110⟩Er2O3, which is the same with as each sample before and after hydrogen permeation test, it strongly suggested that the Er2O3 is a better candidate material for insulating coating of a liquid lithium blanket.

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