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Ammonia Synthesis via Non-Equilibrium Reaction of Lithium Nitride in Hydrogen Flow Condition
Kiyotaka GoshomeHiroki MiyaokaHikaru YamamotoTomoyuki IchikawaTakayuki IchikawaYoshitsugu Kojima
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2015 Volume 56 Issue 3 Pages 410-414


Lithium nitride Li3N is hydrogenated below 300°C under 0.5 MPa of H2, and then LiNH2 and LiH are formed as products. Furthermore, the reaction between LiNH2 and H2 proceeds below 250°C under 0.5 MPa of H2 flow condition, which forms NH3 and LiH. In this study, we proposed and investigated another synthesis method of ammonia by combining these two reactions, which proceed in laboratory-scale under more moderate conditions than those of Haber–Bosch process. As a result, it was experimentally clarified that the ammonia synthesis were able to be operated below 300°C with realistic reactions rate by non-equilibrium reaction field under 0.5 MPa H2 flow condition, where a gas circuit system and a larger scale NH3 synthesis system were designed and assembled for the experiments.

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