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Quantitative Evaluation of Eutectic Si Phase Distributions and Effect on Mechanical Properties in JIS AC4CH Aluminum Casting Alloy
Naohiro SaruwatariYoshihiro Nakayama
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2018 Volume 59 Issue 8 Pages 1317-1325


The effect of eutectic Si particles distributions on ductility in JIS AC4CH aluminum casting alloy (referred to as AC4CH alloy) was investigated through experimental approaches. AC4CH alloys were subjected to ECAP processing at the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th-pass to prepare samples with various distributions of eutectic Si particles. First, a method for the quantitative evaluation of the distribution of the eutectic Si particles using an area grid was examined. The eutectic Si particle distributions were quantified for each plane in the test pieces for unprocessed and ECAP processed samples. These quantitative values corresponded with the eutectic Si particle distributions visually observed on the microstructural images. The relationship between the quantified values of eutectic Si particle distributions and the elongations obtained by the tensile test was investigated. The uniform, local, and fracture elongations determined by the tensile test were found to increase as the number of ECAP passes increased. After 8th-pass ECAP processing, each of these types elongation increased by 49%, 64%, and 54%, respectively, compared to the unprocessed sample. The correlation was found between the mean quantified values of eutectic Si particle distribution and elongations. The experiments confirmed that the homogenization of the three-dimensional distribution of eutectic Si particles leads to the elongation increasing.

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