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Computational Modeling for Coarsening of (Fe,Cr)2B in Borated Stainless Steel
Chi-Hyoung WonJae Hoon JangChang-Hoon LeeTae-Ho LeeNamhyun Kang
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2019 Volume 60 Issue 2 Pages 369-372


The microstructure of borated stainless steels subjected to high temperature annealing process near solidus was confirmed using scanning electron microscopy. The spheroidization and coarsening of (Fe,Cr)2B occurred significantly during annealing at 1200°C. The coarsening rate was much faster than that predicted by existing models due to the anisotropy of the precipitate, i.e., its non-spherical shape. We simulated the coarsening behavior in a multi-component diffusional simulation including the anisotropic effect with respect to annealing time. The model illustrated the coarsening behavior of (Fe,Cr)2B well in borated stainless steels, and the interfacial energy between the precipitate and the austenite matrix was estimated to be 1.8 J·m−2.

Fig. 5 Measured and simulated particle size as a function of time. (a) Blank squares represent measured particle size of B18 specimen. Dashed, dot, double dot and solid lines represent particle radii predicted by Robino’s model, LSW model, model-I and model-II, respectively. (b) Blank squares, circles and upper triangles represent measured particle size of B02, B08 and B18 specimen, respectively. Dot, dashed and solid line represent particle radii predicted by model-II for B02, B08 and B18 alloy, respectively. Fullsize Image
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