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Effect of Ball-Milling Conditions on Thermoelectric Properties of Polycrystalline CuGaTe2
Masaya KumagaiKen KurosakiYuji OhishiHiroaki MutaShinsuke Yamanaka
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CuGaTe2 has a large thermoelectric (TE) figure of merit (ZT) at high temperatures, i.e., ZT = 1.4 at 950 K. However, at lower temperatures, the ZT values are smaller. One reason for this is that CuGaTe2 has a high lattice thermal conductivity (κlat) at lower temperatures. One known method for reducing κlat is manipulating the microstructure of the bulk material. Therefore, herein, the grain-size effect on the TE properties of CuGaTe2 bulk samples produced by ball milling and hot pressing was investigated. Although κlat decreased with grain size, a simultaneous decrease in the Seebeck coefficient occurred, leading to no overall improvement in ZT.

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