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Change in Crystal Orientations of a {100} ⟨001⟩ Pure Aluminum Single Crystal during Accumulative Roll Bonding
K. KashiharaW. IkushimaY. MiyajimaD. TeradaN. Tsuji
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Article ID: L-MZ201109


A {100} ⟨001⟩ pure aluminum single crystal specimen was deformed by accumulative roll bonding (ARB) up to 9 cycles (εeq=7.18) with lubrication. The 5- and 9-cycle processes developed weakened textures composed of {123} ⟨634⟩ and {112} ⟨111⟩. The {100} ⟨001⟩ areas existed even after the 9th cycle. The area fraction of {100} ⟨001⟩ was almost the same as that of the 2-cycle processed specimen. The average area fraction of {100} ⟨001⟩ was 4.8%. The cross slips by primary slip pairs may play an important role in maintaining the {100} ⟨001⟩ area. In the 5-cycle processed specimen, {123} ⟨634⟩ bands were observed in not only the center layer but also the one-eighth thickness layers close to the specimen surfaces. After the 7th and 9th cycles, {112} ⟨111⟩ was observed to form by further crystal rotation from {123} ⟨634⟩.

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