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Evolution of Texture in a 2.8%Si Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Annealed at 1100°C
Na LiLiang MaLi XiangShengtao QiuPei Zhao
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The evolution of texture in a 2.8% Si non-oriented electrical steel annealed at 650, 750 and 1100°C was investigated. It was found that, comparing 650°C annealing, Cube and Goss textures in the specimen annealed at 1100°C are strengthened during the early stage of recrystallization. However, the {111}<110> and {111}<112> textures are weakened. Annealing at 1100°C, grains grow rapidly with annealing time in the grain growth stage, Goss and Cube textures are strong and {111}<110> and {111}<112> textures are weak. Cube texture component is strengthened with the growth of grains, Goss texture component is weakened markedly. There is no significant change in the {111}<110> and {111}<112> textures. These characteristics could be attributed to the less recovery before recrystallization and the difference in grain boundary mobility related to the annealing temperature and crystal orientation during grain growth.

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