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Effect of High-Pressure Torsion Process on Precipitation Behavior of α Phase in β-Type Ti–15Mo Alloy
Baozhen JiangKoichi TsuchiyaSatoshi EmuraXiaohua Min
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Precipitation behavior of α phase in Ti–15Mo alloy during isothermal aging after straining by high-pressure torsion (HPT) was investigated and compared with that without HPT process. Upon isothermal aging, ultrafine equiaxed α phase particles and acicular α phase plates were obtained in HPT-processed samples, while only the coarse acicular α phase plates were obtained in the samples without HPT process. The precipitation of equiaxed α phase occurred faster than the precipitation of acicular α phase in HPT-processed samples. It seemed that a high density of dislocations resulted in highly strained area and enhanced atomic diffusivity, promoting the formation of equiaxed α phase. The HPT-processed samples exhibited higher hardness and ultimate tensile strength but lower ductility than those of the specimens without HPT process.

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