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Deformation Behavior of Pure Cu and Cu-Ni-Si Alloy Evaluated by Micro-Tensile Testing
Sari YanagidaAkiyoshi ArakiTso-Fu Mark ChangChun-Yi ChenTakashi NagoshiEquo KobayashiHideki HosodaTatsuo SatoMasato Sone
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Article ID: M2016188


Micro-tensile tests of pure copper and a precipitation strengthening-type Cu alloy, Cu-Ni-Si alloy, were performed using micro-sized tensile specimens with 10 × 10 µm2 in cross-section and 40 µm in length and a micro-gripper, which were fabricated by a focused ion beam system. The obtained experimental results were compared with the results of Cu-Ni-Si alloy bulk sample. The micro-tensile tests of both pure Cu and Cu-Ni-Si alloy showed the typical serrations caused by moving of dislocations and a decrease of flow stress by the necking. In the Cu-Ni-Si alloy, characteristic deformation of work-hardening was observed. Electron back scatter diffraction analysis showed a gradual change in crystal orientation at the necking area.

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