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Texture Evolution in Al–0.2 mass%Sc Alloy during ARB Process and Subsequent Annealing
Ehsan BorhaniHamidreza JafarianAkinobu ShibataNobuhiro Tsuji
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Evolution of textures in the solution treated and aged Al–0.2Sc alloy heavily deformed by ARB process and subsequently annealed was investigated using pole figure and orientation distribution functions (ODF) that were determined by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) technique. Three kinds of starting materials were prepared before the ARB process: solution treated (ST) material, 300°C-aged material including fine Al3Sc precipitates, and 400°C-aged material having coarse Al3Sc precipitates. The results of deformation texture indicated that at early stage of ARB S {123} <634> orientation component developed and it changed to Copper {112} <111> and Taylor {4 4 11} <11 11 8> components at later ARB cycles in both ST-ARB and Aged-ARB specimens. However, in the Aged-ARB specimens after 5-cycle ARB process, Copper {112} <111> component decreased and Taylor {4 4 11} <11 11 8> component did not developed. Cube {100} <001> component strongly developed in the 400°C Aged-ARB specimen by annealing at high temperature, whereas Cube component did not develop in the ST-ARB and 300°C Aged-ARB specimen. Such a difference was understood as the effect of Al3Sc precipitates.

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