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Influence of Ga addition on Microstructure, Tensile Properties and Surface Oxide Film Characteristics of Microelectronic Sn-9Zn-xGa Solders
Fei-Yi HungTruan-Sheng LuiLi-Hui ChenPing-Hui Chen
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Article ID: MF200802


The tensile properties of Sn-9Zn-xGa (x=0, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mass%) solders at room temperature and 120°C were first explored, and the specimens were then used to investigate the surface thin film characteristics. The results indicate that increasing the Ga content not only promoted needle-like Zn-rich phases to grow, but also caused the tensile strength and hardness to increase. In addition, the Ga was mostly solid solution in both β-Sn phases and bar-like Zn-rich phases. For high temperature tensile testing, the strength of the Sn-9Zn-xGa specimens was higher than the Sn-9Zn specimen. On the surface thin film, the effect of Ga solid solution not only promoted anti oxidation, but also suppressed the growth of the oxidative thin film of the Sn-9Zn solder under reflow or aging.

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