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Integrated Material System Modeling of Fusion Blanket
A. SagaraR. NygrenM. MiyamotoD. NishijimaR. DoernerS. FukadaY. OyaT. OdaY. WatanabeK. MorishitaF. GaoT. Norimatsu
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The blanket of fusion reactors is a multifunctional system that breeds tritium, harvests heat from the burning plasma, and protects the other components and the environment. The common task in the US-J TITAN (Tritium, Irradiation and Thermofluid for America and Nippon) project identifies cross-linked considerations in the blanket system modeling on the basis of the material research in each task. In this paper, we review the main outputs of this task: elucidation of the effect of helium on deuterium retention in the tungsten wall, analysis of tritium transfer in a Pb–Li liquid breeder, experimental and computational studies on the effects of radiation damage on hydrogen trapping, and modeling of the tritium barrier in a double-tube heat exchanger.

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