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Neutron Diffraction on LPSO Structure in Mg–Zn–Y Alloys
Wu GongKazuya AizawaStefanus HarjoJun AbeTakaaki IwahashiTakashi Kamiyama
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Article ID: MI201215


Crystal structure, phase fraction and texture of long period stacking ordered structure (LPSO) phase in ternary Mg–Zn–Y alloys have been investigated by analysis on time-of-flight (TOF) neutron diffraction profiles using the Rietveld method. It has been shown that the LPSO phase in the alloys is 18R-type structure of space group P3212 with a = 1.1182(0) nm and c = 4.7032(5) nm. The LPSO phase shows very strong [10\bar{1}0] texture parallel to the growth direction in a directionally-solidified crystal alloy.

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