Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force Command and Staff College Review
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Optimizing Joint Operational Readiness
Lessons for Japan
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2024 Volume 13 Issue 2 Pages 79-99


Warfare is undergoing a new form of transformation in recent years, shaped not only by new technologies and diversification of domains, but also new concepts and doctrines. Consequently, states and their defense forces face the task of sharpening and strengthening readiness to deal with the new challenges and execute the strategic and operational aims and objectives in the new complex environment. As part of the effort, an increasing number of defense forces around the world are enhancing their joint operations readiness as a means of effectively and efficiently conducting multi-domain operations. This paper aims to discuss the significance of, and the challenges in optimizing joint operations readiness. The paper begins with discussions on the definition of joint operations readiness, and also the key developments in joint operations. The paper will then examine the key drivers and enablers of joint operations readiness, followed by an analysis of the key challenges. Finally, the paper will conclude by looking at the key lessons for the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) as it works to further institutionalize jointness and enhance its joint operations readiness for multi-domain operations.

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