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Characterization of Oxidized and Fragmented Superoxide Dismutase Recruited on Liposome Surface
Le Quoc TuanHiroshi UmakoshiToshinori ShimanouchiRyoichi Kuboi
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2008 Volume 33 Issue 4 Pages 173-179


The interaction of oxidized and fragmented SOD with liposomes has been reported to induce the original SOD-likeenzymatic activity (L.Q. Tuan et al., Langmuir, 24 (2008) 350-354).The effect of several kinds of liposomes on theirrecruited activity of oxidized and fragmented SOD was first investigated. The addition of zwitterionic liposomes withhigh membrane fluidity or that with positive charge was found to increase the SOD-like activity of fragmented SODalthough the negatively charged liposome has no effect on its activity. The SOD-like activity was found to be relatedto the adsorbed amount of the peptides on the liposome surface. The analyzed characteristics of the peptide, togeth-er with the above findings, imply that the liposome-recruited activity of the fragmented SOD was related with therecognition of the SOD fragment by the liposome caused by the combination of electrostatic and hydrophobic inter-action, and hydrogen bonding between the peptide and liposome membrane.

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