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Relationship between serum zinc levels/nutrition index parameters and pressure ulcer in hospitalized patients with malnutrition
Masanori Kawaguchi Yukako SuzuriYuka TaniyamaReiko HaradaJunko YamanaKyoko KatayamaAkinao HaramiKasumi KurimotoYusuke HyodoYohei KashiwagiHiromi IchinoAtsuko HatazakiKanako ShibamotoKaori WadaYuka FukushimaYuta YamajiChiaki WatanabeMiho HiramatsuTadashi Hanabusa
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2022 年 2 巻 1 号 p. reg-11-reg-18


We performed a retrospective study of serum zinc levels and blood nutrient indices with malnutrition admitted to our hospital. The association between zinc levels and the onset of pressure ulcer was then investigated. The participants were 243 patients who were not administered zinc supplement as part of the nutrition support team intervention between January 2010 and March 2019. The mean zinc level was 59.7μg/dl, and 66 subjects (27.2%) had pressure ulcers. Significant positive correlations were found between serum zinc level and albumin level, and between serum zinc level and pre-albumin level. The subjects were divided into the following groups according to their serum zinc level: Normal (≥ 80μg/dl), latent zinc deficiency (60 ≤ Zn < 80μg/dl), and zinc deficiency (< 60μg/dl). The zinc deficiency group had significantly lower serum albumin levels and pre-albumin levels. The zinc deficiency group had no difference in the amount of energy intake and protein intake. This suggests that the zinc absorption control mechanism failed for some reason, which makes it difficult for the body to maintain zinc homeostasis, and that this may be related to increased excretion of zinc. Our logistic regression analysis designed to search for factors that cause pressure ulcer led to the extraction of serum zinc level and albumin level as independent factors. There is a high possibility that zinc deficiency and malnutrition are related to the onset of pressure ulcer and increased severity, respectively. We believe that future studies on pressure ulcer treatment should focus on appropriate nutrition management and zinc supplementation.

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