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武田 貴志
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2019 年 13 巻 1 号 p. A0102-


Design of structure and electronic properties of organic molecules have been achieved through organic synthesis. Organic molecules with interesting molecular and electronic structure and molecular assemblies have been reported. On the other hand, connection such unique structure and assemblies to unique novel function is still difficult. Bulk physical properties of organic molecules have been mainly studied in the static molecular assemblies. Utilization of molecular motion of organic molecule in the assembly could develop new functional organic material.

Herein, the author introduces unique functional organic materials based on molecular motion in the condensed phases developed by the author and his co-workers. A variety of molecular motions is possible in organic molecules, which has different mode of motions and activation energies. With consideration of such factors, materials with new function could be proposed through the assemblies of molecules with appropriate arrangement and degree of freedom of molecular motion. Coupling molecular motion with its electronic, photophysical properties in the assemblies could develop new multifunctional organic molecular materials. Specifically, fluorescent ferroelectric liquid crystal, jumping crystals and thermoresponsive amphipathic fluorescent liquid are discussed.

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