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Development of an Add-on 23Na-MRI Radiofrequency Platform for a 1H-MRI System Using a Crossband Repeater: Proof-of-concept
Michiru KajiwaraTomoyuki HaishiDwi PranantoSusumu SasakiRyohei KasedaIchiei NaritaYasuhiko Terada
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Article ID: tn.2021-0094


23Na-MRI provides information on Na+ content, and its application in the medical field has been highly anticipated. However, for existing clinical 1H-MRI systems, its implementation requires an additional broadband RF transmitter, dedicated transceivers, and RF coils for Na+ imaging. However, a standard medical MRI system cannot often be modified to perform 23Na imaging. We have developed an add-on crossband RF repeater system that enables 23Na-MRI simply by inserting it into the magnet bore of an existing 1H MRI. The three axis gradient fields controlled by the 1H-MRI system were directly used for 23Na imaging without any deformation. A crossband repeater is a common technique used for amateur radio. This concept was proven by a saline solution phantom and in vivo mouse experiments. This add-on RF platform is applicable to medical 1H MRI systems and can enhance the application of 23Na-MRI in clinical usage.

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