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[Paper] Autostereoscopic Display Based on Time-Division Multiplexing Parallax Barrier Using a Monochrome LCD Panel
Yuki TaokaHideki Kakeya
ジャーナル フリー

2023 年 11 巻 2 号 p. 61-66


This paper presents a full-HD autostereoscopic display with a pair of monochrome and color panels based on time-division multiplexing parallax barrier. In the conventional system, usage of two color LCD panels with limited transmittance decreased the display luminance. In the proposed method, a monochrome panel is used in place of a color panel to generate an active barrier pattern, which is expected to increase transmittance. A prototype system is made, where moire is removed without using a diffuser. The maximum luminance given by the proposed method is measured and compared with that given by the conventional method. It is confirmed that the prototype system based on the proposed method has approximately 2.5 times higher luminance than the conventional system. It is also confirmed that the proposed method slightly decreases stereoscopic crosstalk, which is further reduced by widening the slit from 3 subpixels to 5 subpixels to alleviate diffraction.

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